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Rules and FAQ


--What is this game, really?

--How do I make my own barn?

--What do I have to put on my barn page?

--How do I get my own horses?

--How do I make money?

--How much money do I start out with? Do I have to keep track of it?

--How do I pay somebody? How do I bill somebody? --How will you know that I was billed?


  1. Members must be active.
  2. All members must board at a stable for one month before making their own.
  3. Members must board at a stable until they make their own barn (only if you want to make one, that is).
  4. For now, there may be no more than 15 stables. The first five people with stables in the game don't have to board. (I'll tell you.)
  5. There is no limit on the number of horses you have, but please stay realistic.
  6. Members must be considerate of each other.
  7. Members must buy things from the Feed Store at least once a month.
  8. Members must buy things from the Tack Store at least every other month.
  9. Members must buy things from the Horse Misc. Store at least once every three months.
  10. Members must have fun!
  11. Members must love horses!

If you still have a question, email me!

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